Comfort is travelling to mysterious woods. The very sight of deep forests fills my mind with immense joy. It was late afternoon which I reached the pine forest. Chillness was creeping in every second. It was bitter cold inside the woods yet my heart erupted with joy.

Shot with Nikon D3300



Surely of all the wonders, sunset is the greatest – Freya Stark

Shot with Nikon D3300

(18-55mm lens)


We all have that one favourite musical instrument which we love beyond anything. For me it’s guitar. I have this year long crush on guitar that at times my hands just strums an imaginary one. I always wanted to learn it but my mom thought otherwise. Buying one tops my bucket list even today.

Few years back after much arguments and counter arguments I managed to grab a toy guitar. (well it means much to me). And we spent the world music day together this year.

It’s just reel and rhythm folks!!!


Its been a while since I got detached from photography. I had bought the camera when I was going through a rough phase. It took my mind away from all those things which made my heart heavy and filled me with a new spirit. Right now I’m having a rough time again. I hope that both of my true mates; my blog and my camera will give me solace and happiness.

To add to my mood, the rainy season has begun here. It’s my favourite time of the year. The dark clouds, chilly breeze, the smell of earth, its all back. Every drop of rain brings back a number of beautiful memories which I always love to remember. It’s pretty hard for a photographer to remain inert during a rainy day. I took my camera and went outside and I managed to take this picture which I loved so much.

Right now, I’m awaiting a rainbow which will appear after the heavy rain. I hope all the chaos gets settled down soon enough.



Right now the whole of India, maybe the whole world is burning in pain for Asifa. The eight year old girl who was raped and killed. But this post is not going to be about her or even about the hapless crime which happened with her. I’m keeping mum about it because my words are not going to change anything. It won’t bring her justice, it won’t help her anyway. My words are weak, so as that of the people around me. We light candles, roar our support to her and puff everything is gone after a week. It’s not hashtags or candles that the world needs now.

Well, I’m writing this to share few incidents I witnessed in the past few days. It will tell you that nearly no girl is safe these days. A couple of days back I read an Instagram post by my fellow friend whom I met through the same medium. She is a gifted artist and her words often conveyed confidence. It was one thing that made me notice her profile, she was daring enough to pursue her dream. I was crestfallen to read about the experience she had to undergo whilst her train journey to home from her hostel. The culprit in the story is a man around sixties. His behavior towards her was despicable. The best part was that she reacted. She hit him back three or four times until he was gesturing her to stop. It won’t be wrong to imagine that if any girl, alone had come before him India would have got yet another hashtag.

Being a holiday, I was on my way to my friend’s home last day. I was traveling in a bus. Suddenly there was a hassle in the back seats occupied by men. A man dressed in a red shirt was the cause of the fight. He was drunk and was making all the noise. On the same day while I was travelling back home with my friend, we had a brawl with another drunkard in the bus. He was an old man and got into a fight and stormed at us. We ignored him at first but he kept screaming at us till one of us reacted. It drew the attention of other passengers and they started questioning him. I was way too anxious when my friend got off the bus at her stop. Chances were high that he will start it all over and may even occupy the empty seat beside me. Those few minutes till my home, I sat holding my breath and counting the seconds.

These are incidents which every girl experience almost every day. We are told not to get into a cab or an auto alone. I’m afraid to get into a lift alone because the closed space fills me with fear especially if a stranger gets into it. We are afraid to give away our whereabouts to anyone. We even misinterpret strangers because its hard to trust people these days. When evening comes fear starts creeping into mind. Many like me hurry to get home. With every passing day, the world is becoming increasingly hostile to women. And burning out candles and holding strikes cant change that. Maybe we all can wait for the advent of a superhero who will drive the nation back to goodness and purity.

A wait for the unreal to fight the real…